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A Natural Approach to Support Better Prostate & Urinary Tract Health


All-In-One Prostate Formula

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UroPROSTIS® supports prostate and the urinary tract health by bringing the latest in nutraceutical science as it relates to men's health and within the field of urology.

UroPROSTIS® contains ORACRAN™, a specialized cranberry extract (not an antibiotic) that contains PAC A2 (proanthocyanidins). 

PAC A2 exhibits strong natural anti-adhesion activity to E.coli build-up within the prostate and urinary tract.



1.   Third-Party Tested
2. Delayed-Release Vegetable Capsule
3. Drug and Antibiotic Free
4. Made in a USA cGMP Organic Certified Facility
5. Vegan-Friendly
6. Gluten-Free
7. Yeast-Free
8. Non-GMO
9.  No Preservatives
10. No Artificial Ingredients
11. No Magnesium Stearate and or Vegetable Stearate
12.  No Titanium Dioxide             


Appropriate Clinical Dosage

CPPS, chronic prostatitis, pelvic pain, BPH, and irritative bladder symptoms are all complex medical issues.


Our focus is centered on developing natural approach formulas that support the body's entire pelvic region, including the immune and digestive systems to promote quality of life and positive degrees of homeostasis through safe and natural means.

We have a dedicated team with vast knowledge and experience in nutraceutical science, nutrition, and within the field of urology. Our R&D team is meticulous in formulation and compassionate towards our clients who always come first.

We will always seek to pioneer new pathways in as it relates to improving pelvic, prostate, and bladder health. Steadfast research, solid science, and offering people natural options with the appropriate dosages (serving size) is our goal to support people on their healing journey.


All the bioactive(s) ingredients that we use in UroPROSTIS® are of the highest quality and delivered there support positive change and healing. 


Always check with your doctor before trying UroPROSTIS® is make sure there are no contraindications with your medications or medical condition.

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UroPROSTIS® Suggested Use:

Nutraceutical | Dietary Supplement


1. Best to Strat with a (4) capsule per day serving and increase to a full serving of (6) capsules per day once acclimated to the formula. Take (3) capsules in the AM and (3) capsules in the PM, one hour before bedtime. Take with (8) ounces of fresh water or a directed by your doctor.


2. For Stronger Support, and with doctor permission, to a total of (7-8) capsules per day. May be taken with a healthy snack.

Warning: This formula contains pineapple and cranberry.


Before consumption, consult with your doctor to make sure there are no contraindications with your medical conditions or medications.

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