Only PRVNT® Has The Highest Quality PAC A2

A Natural Approach to Help Flush Bad Bacteria from the Urinary Tract



Cranberry Juice Extract

PRVNT® supports urinary tract health by implementing the latest in nutraceutical science as it applies to the urinary microbiome. This unique anti-UTI formula has 40mg+ of PAC A2 (proanthocyanidins) that delivers a strong, safe, natural defense throughout the entire urinary tract. PRVNT® sets the industry standard and delivers more high-quality PAC A2 than any other brand available.

One of the many reasons there is great emphasis on
high-quality PAC A2 is because of its clinical efficacy which has shown strong anti-adhesion support towards the mitigation and build-up of bad bacteria, primarily E.Coli. This proprietary formula contains ORACRAN, the strongest and most powerful cranberry PAC A2 juice extract bioactive on the market

To ensure efficacy, the DMAC "gold standard" method of measurement is applied to ensure optimal
AAA (anti-adhesion activity) in every single dose. Most cranberry products get their concentrate from pomace which yields a low 1mg soluble PAC. When PAC is insoluble, they do not have the anti-adhesion activity necessary to mitigate and flush out bad bacteria. 

PRVNT's® ORACRAN™ has the most effective and consistent AAA capability. Only Soluble PACs from cranberry juice extract are responsible for effective Anti-Adhesion Activity (AAA) against E.coli pathogens.



Additional Benefits

1. Has a
Multifaceted Botanical Defense Blend.
2. Has Daily Probiotics, Vitamins, & Minerals 
3. Is Third-Party Tested
4. Is in a Delayed-Release Capsule
5. Contains No Excipients
6. Is Drug and Antibiotic Free
7. Is Made in a cGMP Organic Certified Facility
8. Is Vegan-Friendly
9. Is Gluten-Free
10. Is Yeast-Free
11. Is Non-GMO
12. Is Made in the USA
13. No Preservatives
14. No Artificial Ingredients
15. No Magnesium Stearate or Vegetable Stearate



Antibiotics & PRVNT®

Antibiotic resistance is a prevalent worldwide and can be a major obstacle to UTI treatment and positive long-term health. There are more and more cases of UTIs becoming more resistant to antibiotics every year, especially E.coli strains which are the cause of most UTIs. Antibiotics, although necessary in specific UTI cases can also be harmful if taken on a long-term basis. 

Today, more and more doctors are turning to natural approaches to be proactive in treating patient's urinary tract and health.  

Most doctors around the world agree that
"prevention is the best medicine," and PRVNT® can help people stay ahead of the curve in a safe and healthy manner for optimal urinary health.

PRVNT® can compliment many antibiotics therapies, however PRVNT
® is designed to offer a proactive approach to help avoid UTIs whether they are recurrent, future, or from intercourse. Always check with your doctor and pharmacist to make there are no contraindications with your medications and medical condition prior to use.

PRVNT® does not have any of the side effects that many antibiotics demonstrate.
PRVNT® is not a replacement for antibiotics associated with acute UTIs. It has been developed to help give a strong bladder and urinary tract defense including promoting a stronger immune health system. A strong natural defense may may be the best offense for optimal health outcomes. Always check with your doctor to make sure PRVNT® is a good fit for you.

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PRVNT® Directions:

 A Daily Health Regimen



1. To maintain a healthy urinary tract, take (2) capsules at the same time daily, or take ( 1) capsule in the AM, and (1) capsule in the PM.


2. For extra support take up to (4) capsules daily for no longer than four consecutive days.


3. For sexual intercourse, take (4) capsules before intercourse and (4) capsules the following day. Then return to a normal (2) capsules per day regimen.


4. Take capsules with a glass of fresh water and stay well hydrated throughout the day to maintain a clean urinary tract.


5. Can be taken with a small portion of food that contains healthy fat from whole foods. Ask your doctor which healthy fats are appropriate for you.

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