PRVNT® supports UTI prophylaxis by using the latest in naturopathic science, nutrition, and technology. Our unique formula uses 37-40mg of PAC (proanthocyanidins) to bring maximum strength.  We set the industry standard in quality and deliver more PAC than any top leading brands.  


One of the many reasons we put great emphasis on having high-quality PAC is because of its clinical efficacy where it has been shown to prevent the build-up of bad bacteria in the urinary tract with its anti-adhesion activity the urinary tract. Our proprietary manufacturing process makes OROACRAN™, the strongest and most powerful PAC formulation on the market, using the BL-DMAC method of measurement. 

ORACRANis superior to other cranberry extracts because of its PAC value.  Every dose of PRVNT® also includes 50% of the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) in select vitamins and minerals, and delivers six premium select strains of probiotics (20B CFU) which all have strong synergistic effects to support the prevention of future UTIs.  Another layer of defense in the PRVNT® formulation are other powerful bioactive ingredients such as D-Mannose, Quercetin, Curcumin, Chondroitin Sulfate, and Dandelion Root Extract. PRVNT® has just the right amount of everything.


​Antibiotics focus on the treatment, PRVNT® focuses on the prevention of UTIs. And seeing how UTI antibiotic resistance has become more prevalent around the world, a natural approach route may be right for you. Consult with your doctor.

PRVNT® In Action:

PRVNT® may help you gain control of your future UTIs.  PRVNT® is available without a doctor's prescription, giving you a safe, streamlined natural approach to implement an easy daily Anti-UTI regimen.


This formula may be fast-acting and the main target of action is to help the healthy flushing of e.coli bacteria out of the urinary tract. PRVNT's® main method of action is to adhere itself to pathogenic bad bacteria targeting e.coli and wash them out upon urination.


PRVNT's® daily multivitamin included along with its probiotics bring additional support to the whole body, urinary tract, and gut microbiome biome for another layer of defense.


Consuming PRVNT® on a consistent basis, can support the build-up of your bladder's defense, boost your immune system, creating a healthier environment for the prevention of future harmful bacteria build-up in the urinary tract.


Tired Of Recurrent UTIs?

HIGHEST QUALITY PAC (proanthocyanidins)  
ORACRANSynergistic with 9 other Bioactives
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PRVNT® is the only nutraceutical in the world that contains ORACRAN:

One of the main bioactives in PRVNT® is ORARAN that contains PAC (proanthocyanidins), which are naturally present deep in the American cranberry fruit.


Proanthocyanidins are responsible for anti-adhesion activity of pathogens in the urinary tract. This helps prevent harmful bacteria from sticking to the wall of the bladder and urinary tract so they can be naturally flushed out.


Not all cranberries and D-Mannose are created equal. Unlike other cranberry supplementation, the polyphenols from ORACRAN are unique, clinically studied, and efficacious. It is derived from a highly concentrated cranberry fruit giving ORACRAN™ unprecedented powerful anti-adhesion properties. 

ORACRANworks synergistically with 9 other PRVNT® defense bioactives including D-Mannose, Quercetin, Chondroitin Sulfate, Curcumin, and premium select probiotics making the PRVNT® formula the most complex and robust anti-UTI over-the-counter formula in the world giving the ability to deliver NATURAL & SUPERIOR MAXIMUM STRENGTH 


Within hours, PRVNT® may take effect in the body helping to expel the bad bacteria in the bladder and urinary tract. It is important to drink plenty of water with a natural approach PRVNT® regimen to help promote the healthy flushing of bad bacteria out of the urinary tract.


One small serving of PRVNT® may be equivalent to 285 servings of other cranberry supplements due to its elevated PAC value. Can this be possible and is this safe?  Yes and YES!  ORACRAN is a super-concentrated super-charged extraction of cranberries and is most superior to all other leading cranberry brands, not only in its high PAC value but also in its quality and purity.


ORACRAN™ has been independently tested for PAC values and is FDA compliant. 


Most overpriced cranberry supplements do not disclose the PAC value or any at all.  The measuring system was used to calculate its PAC value is the universally recognized BL-DMAC method. Some brands have zero or little PAC at all. PRVNT® proudly and fully discloses what is in the product how it is measured. PRVNT® is also priced in an affordable way to implement a daily natural approach to a healthy urinary tract system.

Cranberry Juice Questions & Answers:

  • Can cranberry juice fix my problem?

Although cranberry juice is what our PAC extract is derived from, you would have to consume an extraordinary amount of cranberry juice to come even close to levels of concentrated PAC values in PRVNT®.


Only PRVNT® contains ORACRAN, ensuring 37-40mg of proanthocyanidin A2 (PAC) is in each serving. Cranberry juice cannot deliver the appropriate dose of PAC-A2 and in many cases, none at all.

  • Are all cranberry supplements the same?

Unfortunately Not.  When you are deciding which cranberry supplement to choose from, it is imperative to understand that PAC is a bioactive ingredient that helps stop bad bacteria from sticking to your bladder wall and urinary tract through a natural anti-adhesion process. 

  • Is PRVNT® a Superior brand?

YES! In conjunction with having one of the highest PAC values per serving,  PRVNT® also contains multiple other clinically tested bioactive ingredients that synergistically support the same goal. PRVNT® is the best UTI prevention supplement on the market today.


Antibiotics and PRVNT®:


Antibiotic resistance is a serious problem around the world and can be a major obstacle with UTI treatments. There are more and more cases of UTIs becoming resistant to antibiotics every year. Strains of E. coli (which are the cause of most UTIs) are becoming resistant to many antibiotic medications. Antibiotics, although necessary in specific cases are unnatural and if taken long-term, can have everlasting negative effects that can harm the body's microbiome. Naturopathic approaches to UTIs are becoming more mainstream.

Antibiotics can be a good solution for short-term use, but most likely safe nor optimal in the long run. By taking long-term UTI-specific antibiotics you may develop stomach problems, allergic reactions, fatigue, resistance, and more. Antibiotics may not be the best long-term solution for recurrent UTIs. Discuss better bladder health and natural prevention with your doctor.


PRVNT® may be safe with or without many antibiotics and PRVNT® does not have the side effects that antibiotics often reveal.  Always check with your pharmacist and doctor to make sure the ingredients in PRVNT® do not have any contraindications with your medications and medical condition. 


PRVNT® is not a replacement for antibiotics associated with UTIs.  It has been developed to support preventative care once a UTI is cleared using natural anti-adhesion technology within the bladder and the urinary tract.


Do not take PRVNT® if you are allergic to red fruit or cranberries.


PRVNT® Directions:


Daily Bladder Health Regimen


1. To maintain a healthy urinary tract, take two capsules at the same time daily.  2. For stronger support, take capsules daily but not for no longer than three consecutive days.  3. For sexual intercourse, take 4 capsules before intercourse and 4 capsules the following day.  4. Return to a 2 capsule regimen. 5. Take with a glass of filtered water to promote the healthy flushing of the urinary tract.  Stay healthily hydrated.