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100% Organic Acacia Senegal Fiber

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TUMMY REST Acacia Senegal for IBS Support

TUMMY REST™ contains only the highest quality fiber. Our Acacia senegal is USDA organic, manufactured in a GMP certified facility, and is 100% all natural organic soluble fiber.


Dissolves In Minutes | Easy To Take

95% of Americans are Fiber Deficient

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95% of Americans are fiber deficient and this may be a leading contributor to IBS. By implementing TUMMY REST™ into your daily routine, you can support the elimination or lessening of IBS symptoms which is estimated to be in 75% of the IC community. 

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Gentle Formula for Sensitive Individuals

TUMMY REST™ is user friendly and just contains one simple organic ingredient, Acacia senegal which can be great support for gut health and individuals who suffer from IC, bladder and pelvic pain syndromes. 

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