PRVNT® Ingredient Profile


Bioactive Ingredients

The PRVNT® formula is designed to support the healthy flushing of the urinary tract, improve digestive health, and support the immune system with the addition of premium probiotics and essential vitamins and minerals. 

PRVNT® works by creating an anti-adhesion environment against bad bacteria within the urinary tract and helps restore a healthy UT microbiome.

ORACRAN Cranberry Extract in PRVNT to Prevent UTIs

Cranberry Extract

PRVNT® contains 40mg+ of PAC A2, making it the most potent cranberry anti-adhesion supplement on the market today.

Pure D Mannose is PRVNT for UTIs


 PRVNT® contains pure D-Mannose for another layer of UT defense, specifically against type 1 
fimbriated E.Coli.

Hibiscus Extract is in PRVNT to Prevent UTIs


PRVNT® contains hibiscus extract, which has multiple bioflavonoids and anthocyanins that have been shown to support the prevention of UTIs. 

Quercetin is in PRVNT for Anti-Inflammation


PRVNT® contains quercetin, a natural bioflavonoid shown to prevent UTIs in postmenopausal women. 

Curcumin is in PRVNT to Stop UTIs


 PRVNT®  contains curcumin, which may significantly improve the symptoms of chronic urinary tract infections.

Dandelion Root is in PRVNT for Urinary Tract Health

Dandelion Root

PRVNT® contains dandelion root extract which serves as a light diuretic to help keep the urinary tract flushed and clean.

Premium Probiotics are in PRVNT for Optimal Urinary Tract Health


 PRVNT®  contains 21 Billion+ CFU of UT targeted probiotics to support a strong urinary tract and pelvic balance.

Premium Vitamins and Minerals are in PRVNT for Optimal Health

Select Vitamin
and Minerals

PRVNT® contains essential vitamins and minerals to support possible deficiencies that may have prevented a healthy bladder environment.

PRVNT® What Science Knows and Nature Offers

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