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Contains 2 Bottles of PRVNT.


Antibiotic resistance is prevalent worldwide and may significantly hinder certain cases of UTI treatment and long-term health.*  More and more cases of antibiotic resistance are reported every year, especially E.coli strains which cause most UTIs.*  Antibiotics, although necessary in specific UTI cases, can also be harmful if taken on a long-term basis and with no infection detected.* 


Today, more and more doctors are turning to natural approaches to be proactive in treating certain patients with recurring urinary tract health issues.* 


Most doctors worldwide agree that "prevention may be the best medicine," and PRVNT® may also help people stay ahead of the curve, safely and healthily for optimal urinary health outcomes.*


PRVNT® supports urinary tract health by implementing a natural defense that supports an anti-adhesion environment against harmful bacteria within the bladder microbiome and urinary tract. With daily use, PRVNT® can help healthily flush the urinary tract and may also help with future urinary tract issues, including those issues that may result from intercourse.*


Recurring UTIs are painful and often difficult to stay ahead of.  PRVNT® offers an All-In-One Natural Approach for bladder and urinary tract health.* This doctor-recommended formula offers 40mg+of ORACRAN PAC-A2 (Proanthocyanidins - American Grown) making it the most powerful urinary tract dietary supplement on the market today.*


PRVNT® supports multiple layers of urinary tract defense with the following bioactive ingredients :* 

• Every PRVNT® serving offers an effective dose of 40mg+ PAC A2 (highest in the industry).*
• D-Mannose.*

• 10 Billion CFU Targeted Probiotics (At time of manufacturing).*

• High Absorption Quercetin*

• High Absorption Curcumin*

• Hibiscus Extract*

• Dandelion Extract*

• Daily Vitamins and Minerals.*


Recommended by leading urologists and gynecologists.*

Consider PRVNT® for proactive urinary health.*


PRVNT® is not a replacement for antibiotics associated with UTIs.*  It's made to support and help strengthen the bladder and urinary tract biome, supporting are more robust evironment that supports a natural urinary defense strategy through anti-adhesion activity with immune support.* 

Before consuming PRVNT®, check with your doctor to ensure there are no contraindications with your medication or medical condition.*


For adults only.  Not to be taken by pregnant or nursing women.


60 delayed-release vegan capsules to help pass stomach acidity.*


* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

PRVNT® COMBO-PACK Proactive UTI Management* (2 Month Supply))

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