General Overview:
PEAORA Poly 500® may be taken as an entry-level bladder pain nutraceutical (dietary supplement) or may be added to other NAN bladder health products for additional pain support. PEAORA Poly 500® contains a fatty acid type anandamide; palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) shown to calm pelvic nerves in several clinical studies and in clinical practice. PEA has been featured at the 2019 AUA Annual Meeting.

PEAORA Poly 500® also contains POLYTROL®, a more bioavailable version of trans-resveratrol blended with select premium vitamins and minerals.

PEAORA Poly 500® contains no probiotics and zero ingredients from China.

PEAORA Poly 500® is proudly made in a USA cGMP Organic certified facility.


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