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BLADDER BUILDER® is a more advanced bladder health option delivering several unique mechanisms of action which may support the redcution of the following: inflammation, recurrent bladder, urinary & pelvic discomfort, and frequency and urgency.* 


With consistent use, BLADDER BUILDER® may support optimal bladder health, and may support the protective layer of the bladder's GAG (glycosaminoglycan) layer.*

BLADDER BUILDER® also contain gentle probiotic srains to support the digestive (gut) and immune health.* BLADDER BUILDER® also contains several essential vitamins and minerals.  The L-Arginine and L-Citrulline in this formula supports increased nitric oxide levels to help with better circulation.* 

BLADDER BUILDER® may be an excellent option for bladder health and recurrent bladder, urinary and pelvic discomfort* 


This advanced formula contains 2,350mg of bioactive ingredients (blend) in every serving.  It has nine essential vitamins, six premium minerals, and eight  strains of gentle probiotics. Not to be taken by pregnant or nursing women.


BLADDER BUILDER® is proudly manufactured in a USA GMP-certified facility.


Before consuming any NAN product, always check with your physcian to make sure there are no contraindications with your medication or medical condition. 


* This formula is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent andy disease.

BLADDER BUILDER® Bladder Discomfort Support*

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