Bladder Rest® is an excellent entry-level option for sensitive individuals who desire an effective and gentle bladder health regimen. The bioactives in Bladder Rest® support the wall (GAG layer) and the pelvic floor by promoting the reduction of inflammation and anti-mast cell activity which can also support estrogen atrophy (GSM). In addition, this formula supports nitric oxide production for better circulation. All these bioactives work synergistically to lessen pelvic pain and decrease urinary frequency.


Bladder Rest® has been an effective formula for many. Intentionally, it has fewer bioactives than other NAN formulas lo assist those individuals who have specific sensitivities.​Bladder Rest® contains no probiotics and no ingredients from China.​  


Bladder Rest® is proudly made in the USA. 


Bladder Rest® does NOT contain titanium dioxide or use any ingredients sourced from shark fin, shellfish, fish or crab.


Bladder Rest®

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