General Overview:
BIOME DEFENSE® is one of the most comprehensive and advanced bladder support options that NAN produces.

BIOME DEFENSE® may support the inhibition of TNFα, IL1β, IL6, IL8, IL10, IL17A, CRP, and NGF.  This formula may help decrease refractory bladder pain, inflammation, urgency, frequency, and help reduce nocturia.


BIOME DEFENSE® is designed for patients who have experienced limited success from other NAN IC nutraceutical options and are looking for new and innovative pathways to support a better quality of life.

This formula may also be considered for individuals who also struggle with OAB. 


BIOME DEFENSE® supports the mitigation or lessening of chronic bladder and pelvic pain, support to lower urinary tract symptoms including the easing of nocturia frequency and urgency.
BIOME DEFENSE® is an excellent option for individuals who have more complex cases of bladder and pelvic pain or who have not gained satisfactory benefits from NAN entry-level formulas.


Proudly made in a USA GMP NSF facility.


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