Postulated Etiologies

Interstitial cystitis and or Painful Bladder Syndrome come from many different etiologies (origins).

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NAN offers several natural approach options to support the symptomatic relief of Interstitial Cystitis and other urinary tract conditions.

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IC and many pelvic conditions are very complex.

Researchers in modern medicine have tried their best to find a solution for Interstitial Cystitis. Unfortunately, the majority of the medical community continues to recommend pharmaceutical drugs that are primarily unsuccessful. ​At NAN (Natural Approach Nutrition), the parent company of BLADDER BUILDER®, PEAORA®, BLADDER REST®, ALOEPATH®, BLADDER SMART® BIOME DEFENSE®, CYSTOMEND®, and FLARE GUARD™, we subscribe to a different approach in that we look to nature and nutrition for solutions and wellness. ​ At NAN, we have a wide variety of natural and nutritional formulations with specific mechanisms of action in hopes a formulation will match a patient's particular and unique microbiome.  


All NAN formulas have distinct differences and contain a plethora of active ingredients to target a wide variety of proposed targets along with the symptom mitigation support that accompanies bladder pain and dysfunction.  Bladder Pain Syndrome and or Interstitial Cystitis is one mostly described as the same syndrome, so moving forward and in this section, we will refer to this as IC and or interstitial cystitis. ​ Many hypotheses have suggested how bladder pain and dysfunction manifest in the body.  

What do we know about Interstitial Cystitis?

IC is a very real condition, not in somebody's head, and no human being should ever have to endure the pain and suffering that it produces. Bladder and pelvic dysfunctions can rob and impair quality of life.  Pelvic disease and or syndromes are equal opportunity offenders, attacking all ages, genders, and races. Thus far, allopathic medicine has been unable to find an effective solution for IC, and such treatments can often lead to subsequent medical complications.  Many dietary supplement companies like to mass-produce a "universal pill" for IC and make erroneous claims to cure or mitigate all IC symptoms. This is certainly not the case for NAN nutraceuticals and dietary supplements.

At NAN, we understand how complex IC is and we can make zero claims of cure or symptom relief. However, what we do offer is nutritional support that may bring opportunities to heal through an array of high-quality well-researched formulas that offer several robust mechanisms of action.  This natural diversity allows more opportunity and specificity to a patient's particular needs.

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At NAN (Natural Approach Nutrition), we honor and respect all forms of medicine and wellness. No matter what the modality is, we view our company and our formulas as complementary partners in trying to help people heal and have a good quality of life.


We build nutritional formulas for the entire body, microbiome, with emphasis on the bladder, pelvic area, and microbiome. This website is dedicated to the research and exploration in the field of nutritional science relating to the use of natural ingredients to achieve and support homeostasis, and or promote any curative pathways where natural building blocks support positive degrees of healing to the delicate human microbiome.

Your body and condition are unique.

When considering the complexities and how your microbiome is unique to you, it is sometimes difficult to determine which formula and specific bioactive(s), vitamins, minerals, compounds, and or probiotics would be most beneficial for optimal support.  At NAN (Natural Approach Nutrition), we understand the difficulties that come with Interstitial Cystitis and other pelvic diseases and syndromes. We accept the challenge and will continue to research, improve, and produce high-quality formulations to support healing in the body's microbiome and immune system. We are doing everything in our power to make formulas that address the wide variety of the proposed etiologies in hard-to-treat medical conditions through natural and nutritional means.

Takeaway Thoughts

  • What works great for one person might not work as great for another. All of our formulas are made in a potent supportive role.

  • Naturally formulated products need a fair amount of time to work, take which can take days to months to achieve benefit.

  • It is possible you may feel a tad worse for the first week or two due to a possible  "die-off" reaction or needing to acclimate to bioactive(s). However, stop taking any NAN formula with any severe reactions and seek medical attention immediately. 

  • We offer several unique and robust formulas which give you options to find a better match to hopefully meet your particular needs.

  • We only make the highest-quality products.  No preservatives or anything artificial.  NON-GMO and Gluten free.

  • More formulas are in development and we are determined to keep the research stead-fast targeting a broader range of possibilities.

  • We will never stop fighting for you!  We are dedicated to doing our very best to support positive change and continued homeostasis.

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