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Individuals suffering from Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome, have found little relief from traditional medications and/or current medical procedures.  Unfortunately, the majority of today’s IC/BPS options for therapy have not had positive patient outcomes.  Many doctors use the same, older pharmaceutical drugs which may include short and or long-term negative side effects.

Interstitial Cystitis Supplements

Interstitial Cystitis / Bladder Pain Syndrome
IC and Pelvic Syndromes are complex.
However, they are manageable and a good quality of life can be achieved naturally.

At NAN (Natural Approach Nutrition™), along with Natural Approach Urology™ and Natural Approach Gynecology™, we subscribe to a different philosophy and methodology as we compassionately work to support all individuals who suffer from Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome.


Our team looks to the future, through the science of nature, using powerful botanicals and natural compounds to help bring healing, wellness and positive degrees of homeostasis. At NAN, we produce a wide variety of natural and nutritional IC/BPS formulations that offer clients new and unique options.  We produce formulas that support healing to the delicate pelvic microbiome. Every NAN formula offers multiple and specific mechanisms of action aiming to meet each client’s novel circumstance.  Our goal for clients, is to achieve a favorable healing path to health and wellness. Our mission for clients is to obtain a better quality of life.


NAN’s formulas include Bladder Builder®, Bladder Rest®, Bladder Smart Low Acid Multivitamin®, Peaora PEA-500®,

Peaora Omega 3®, Aloepath®, and Cystomend®.

Interstitial Cystitis Natural Treatment

Interstitial Cystitis / BPS
IC is a very real condition. It is not your fault.
We are here to support and help.

Interstitial Cystitis / BPS
All Bladder & Pelvic Region
Conditions Are Unique

When implementing a natural approach to pelvic health, one must take into consideration the complexities of how one reacts to bladder pain and urinary dysfunction as it is unique to each individual.  Not knowing which formula to use starting a regimen can be frustrating and overwhelming.  The main IC formulations page on this site showcases every formula ranging from entry-level, mid-level, and advanced options.  The formulations page is a basic algorithm (guide) based on recent data.  It represents a starting point and does not need to be strictly followed.

Interstitial Cystitis Supplements

Interstitial Cystitis / BPS
Many Robust IC Formula Options To Choose
Doctor Recommended 
A Natural Approach For Woman and Men
Affordable Options Are Available

Also, each product has a “learn more” button which offers more information on each formula.  The root causes of IC and sub-types of IC are varied. Initially, most individuals tend to start with an entry-level formula.  To date, thousands have done very well using the entry-level formulas with no need to move forward to the next level. 

* Discuss NAN formulation options with your doctor before consumption.

At NAN (Natural Approach Nutrition), we understand the difficulties that come with Interstitial Cystitis and other pelvic conditions and syndromes. We welcome the challenge to help all that suffer from these debilitating conditions by continuing to do research, improve our science, and produce high-quality formulations NAN will leave no stone unturned until every person receives relief, resolution, and improved quality of life.

Interstitial Cystitis Supplements

Interstitial Cystitis / BPS
IC is a real condition. It is not your fault.
You are not alone..
We are here to help

Interstitial Cystitis / BPS
Quick Summary NAN Formulas

1. All NAN formulas have their own unique blends and special characteristics.  One particular NAN formula may induce great relief and healing for an individual, while another individual might have the same positive experience and outcome. This is because every individual has their own unique medical pelvic circumstance and body microbiome,. and this is also why NAN offers an array of diverse solid high-quality formulas to bring more options and better matches. 
2. All NAN - Naturally formulated nutraceuticals need a fair amount of time to work and build-up in the body, This can happen anywhere from just days, and all the way up to several months depending on the formulation and person's particular microbiome.

3. After formula consumption and In very rare cases, an individual may feel bad and or a tad worse (maybe a flare) for a week or so due to possible  "die-off" reactions and or in other more common cases, an individual may need to time to get acclimated to the formula's weighted bioactive(s). However, If there is any kind of negative reaction to any NAN formula, please discontinue use and see your doctor and get medical attention immediately.

4. We have a wide array of unique and robust IC/BPS support formulas to support long term homeostasis which are offered to our clients in hopes to find a good solid match and meet any individual's needs. 

5. We are the world leader in high quality nutraceuticals and no NAN formula ever contains preservatives or anything artificial. All NAN formulas are Non-GMO and gluten free.  All NAN formulas are  Third-party tested for safety and all NAN formulas are carefully manufactured in a USA organic cGMP certified facility.

6. Our research and development continues as we are determined to stay stead-fast in targeting a broader range of pelvic etiologies, explore the science, and make new discoveries in nutraceutical science within in the field of urology and gynecology. Our dedication to experience our clients heal and live a good quality of life that they deserve to live. Research, development, helping, healing, support and bringing positive change to all those who suffer is what we are all about. This our goal and our entire company mission at Natural Approach Nutrition. 

Thank you for spending time with us.

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