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New for IC Patients & Doctors
My Better Bladder App (Available March 15, 2022) 
Using Individual Bladder Data for Better Outcomes
Free Mobile Application


IC flares are mostly idiopathic (unknown origin). They come in waves and are often cyclical. Due to its inexplicable nature and the unpredictability of IC flares, sometimes the cause of symptoms can be misconstrued.  NAN IC nutraceuticals, in conjunction with the My Better Bladder App, are intended to help support the lessening of bladder pain and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). Therefore, when beginning any NAN IC formula, it is suggested that the patient follow the suggested trial durations as it can be extremely helpful in distinguishing between body acclimation to a new formula, as opposed to a negative response from an outlier.


The My Better Bladder App is a ground-breaking application that helps doctors and patients uncover specific lifestyle patterns that may have a negative or positive impact on the bladder and overall pelvic floor. The My Better Bladder App also offers a user-friendly interface that is available at no cost on all Android and iPhone cellular devices. 


The My Better Bladder App collects detailed data for; pain levels, daily urination, diet, hydration, sleep, stress, exercise, sexual activity, and NAN nutraceutical intake.  The analytics section of this app can easily track and display the patient’s daily and monthly information with the simple press of a button. The app’s data can also be exported and entered into a patient's medical file to help document their progress over time. 



MY BETTER BLADDER assists the user in logging detailed time-coded entries of some of the most important and controllable variables that may contribute to bothersome bladder symptoms.

Analyze & Print

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By computing tracked data, patients can see how lifestyle choices may impact their symptoms. The Analysis Tool turns input data into usable information. Patients can review trend lines and compare data points to help identify possible symptom causation.


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Ultimately, Bladder Tracker enables patients and doctors better understand what changes the patient may make to improve their quality of life.

The MY BETTER BLADDER App will be available on the
App Store and Google Play for Android and iOS
March 15, 2022

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