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Relief + Support for Bacterial Vaginosis

& Yeast (Candida) Infections

Clinically Proven Ingredients / Clinical Dosage

50 Billion Targeted Probiotics

5 Documented Botanicals

Lactoferrin | Undecylenic Acid

Vitamin D3

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Supports Vaginal Flora, Digestive & Immune Health

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Balance Vaginal pH


Here's the plan.

BIOME DEFENSE L. Flora™ is created for any person who is experiencing symptoms related to Bacterial Vaginosis including Yeast Infections.


With improved vaginal and digestive biome balance,

L. Flora™ can help eliminate odor, itch, gut bloating,

and poor bowel health.

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Here's how a natural approach works.

1. We start with a botanical defense that consists of quercetin (bioflavonoid), curcumin (polyphenol), olive leaf extract (oleuropein), and bromelain (enzyme). All to promote a robust anti-fungal, anti-yeast, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidant environment.

2. The second line of defense is with the addition of lactoferrin (protein) which also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial activities.


3. A third layer of defense is added with the addition of undelclyenic acid (natural anti-fungal).


4. Then we introduce a prebiotic organic acacia senegal (fiber) to help give the good bacteria in the gut an advantage over the bad the bacteria.


5. And finally, our 50 billion CFU of probiotics gets to work to repopulate the gut and vaginal microbiome. Research has shown, that as probiotics repopulate, more glucose-rich prebiotics which are found in the epithelia cells (lining of the vagina) will promote natural defenses such as lactic acid and hydrogen peroxide. And increased lactic acid combined with hydrogen peroxide allows the vaginal microbiome to become more acidic thus creating the optimal pH.


6. Once the optimal pH level is obtained, it's important to stay proactive with lifestyle choices.  Eat healthy, wipe properly, consider taking showers over baths, and be careful with sexual habits.  For optimal vaginal health, it's important to stay consistent with your vaginal, gut and immune health care.    

Highest Quality Ingredients / Nothing From China / Made In The USA

Does Not Contain Any Magnesium or Vegetable Stearate 

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