UTI Support Made Easy

 A Natural Approach to a Healthy Cleansing of the Urinary Tract


 Made Easy For Your Convenience....  Just One Scoop and Stir In Glass of Water

How Does It Work?

 A Daily Health Regimen

ORACRAN™ Cranberry Extract

40mg of PAC

ORACRAN™ is a maximum strength polyphenol found deep inside the cranberry. This highly advanced extraction creates PAC-A2.  


PAC-A2 otherwise known as proanthocyanidins have demonstrated effective anti-adhesion properties to bad bacteria, mostly to E. coli which can bring harm to the urinary tract. This allows individuals who have contracted UTIs to receive the maximum benefits of PAC-A2 without having to intake thousands of cranberries.

Premium Grade D-Mannose

CRANDOSE™ contains the highest quality D-Mannose sourced from Europe and never from China. D-Mannose also contains anti-adhesion bioatives to the urinary tract. 


CRANDOSE™ compounds D-Mannose with the ORACRANPAC-A2 to create the most optimal environment to support the prevention of UTIs.

CRANDOSE™ contains key probiotics, minerals and vitamins that have been clinically studied for UTI prophylaxis.  All are included at an effective doseages and are synergistic with ORACRAN™ and D-Mannose.


For Women and Men


Manufactured in an

Organic GMP Certified Facility

Naturally Formulated

Proudly Made In The USA

No Ingredients From China