DAILY PROSTATE™ - UroProstatitis™  

is the only multifaceted formula on the market that specifically targets and supports specific men's health issues

using natural methods of action. 

What separates


from general prostate health formulas?

1. A Natural Approach Supplement

Unlike the majority of prostate dietary supplements, DAILY PROSTATE™  UroProstatitis specifically supports the symptoms that are associated with prostatitis; like pain, inflammation, urinary frequency, and urinary urgency.


DAILY PROSTATE™  UroProstatitis supports optimal men's nutrition and specifically supports the symptom relief of prostatitis and its related issues.

2. Appropriate Amounts are Essential to Support Benefit

It is critical to use the correct bioactive ingredients in the appropriate amount to support the most positive change for healthy physiological change.  DAILY PROSTATE™  UroProstatitisimplements the highest quality bioactives to promote healthy and steady positive change.

3. Comprehensive Whole Body Healing Support

It is important to support the prostate directly, but it is also equally as important to support the rest of the body (microbiome).  DAILY PROSTATE™  UroProstatitis™  supports an optimal healing environment for whole-body healing. It is important to remember that prostatitis can originate not only from the prostate, but can also be a manifestation from an array of different etiologies (origins).  DAILY PROSTATE™  UroProstatitis™  includes a 100% RDA vitamins with select minerals and 40 billion CFU's of probiotics. 

Natural Formulas Take Time to Work

Honesty and Integrity is Paramount to Our Company


Unlike many other companies, at NAN Health Corp., we make no claims of cure or promises of total symptom relief.

We do however promise to bring you the very best formulas based on our latest research to support maximum healing and a proper balance for optimal quality of life.

We will never use ingredients that contain fillers, vegetable and magnesium steatites, milk, sugar, yeasts, artificial or ingredients, or preservatives.  

Our ingredients will always be the very best.  Our team will never stop fighting for those who suffer and we will be steadfast with our research and development as scientific break-throughs occur.


Our natural formulas can take from 1-6 months to gain full benefit.  


Our formulas are not pharmaceutical medications. 

Ask you doctor about DAILY PROSTATE™  UroProstatitis

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