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BPH is most common in men ages 50 and older.

Did you know by age 50, half of all men will have an enlarged prostate?

This means more urges to urinate, more bathroom trips, waking at night, and issues with intimacy.  Sound familiar?


Life can be overwhelming at times, and finding a solution that works for you with a product you can trust, can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.  Many men purchase over-the-counter prostate supplements claiming that one active ingredient can do it all, such as beta sitosterol or saw palmetto.  


You don’t use ONE tool to build a house, so why take only ONE ingredient to support your prostate and overall well-being? 


Introducing UroFLO®, a doctor recommended All-In-One Highly Advanced Prostate formulaUroFLO® utilizes a natural approach with an abundance of clinically studied active ingredients designed to help you lessen the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

Always check with your doctor to make sure there are no contraindications with your medications or medical condition.

UroFLO® Phytonutrition by New Prostate


Support Functions:

5-Alpha Reductase Inhibitor, Antimicrobial, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Urinary Retention -Anti-Urinary Frequency, Better Urine Flow, Decreased Nocturia, Immune Health,

Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Mast Cell Activity, Anti-Neoplastic, Daily Vitamin & Mineral Regimen 



UroFLO Supports Better Prostate Health

Select Premium Probiotics

75% RDA Select Vitamins and Minerals to Help with Deficiencies

Targeted Prostate Support:

NEW PROSTATETM  UroFLO® contains very specific bioactives which are based on the latest nutraceutical science research as it relates to improving men's prostate and overall health.  Each individual bioactive has its own mechanism of action and supports prostate healing and better overall wellbeing. 

Target Urinary Support:

BPH is the enlargement of prostate the gland. It can cause uncomfortable urinary symptoms such as blocking the flow of urine out of the bladder which can cause urinary tract and kidney infections.  


UroFLO® supports improved urinary flow using a robust multifaceted natural approach.  

Promote A Healthy Gut (Digestive) Biome:

Researchers and doctors postulate that one of the key elements in the development of most disease and or syndromes is an imbalance in the gut (digestive) and microbiome.  Disease develops when the impact of pathogens (bad bacteria) outweighs the impact of commensals (good bacteria/microorganisms).  This does suggest infection, but rather an imbalance in the body's delicate eco-system.


UroFLO® offers select strains of probiotics that can help balance the gut and enhance the immune system.  All the probiotics in UroFLO® have been clinically studied and may help reduce inflammation, combat pathogens, and may also support healthy testosterone levels. 

75% RDA Vitamins with Select Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are crucial for the body's physiology.  When the body lacks specific vitamins and minerals, it can lead to detrimental health effects and ailments. 

UroFLOTM delivers 75% of the RDA in select vitamins and minerals to support optimal immune health.


UroFLO®, contains all the most effective clinically studied ingredients for enlarged prostates, and also includes a daily regimen of vitamins, minerals and probiotics.


It is no wonder why so many urologists recommend UroFLO® for their patients who struggle with urges to urinate, more bathroom trips, waking at night and issues with intimacy. 


Don’t fall into the trap of using just one ingredient to address the complexities of an enlarged prostate.  


Consider UroFLO®, and let Science and Nature work for you™.


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