BIOME DEFENSE® Probiotics + Prebiotic Fiber


Histamine Inhibitors | Delayed Release | Prebiotic Included

BIOME DEFENSE Probiotics help rebalance your gut and urinary microbiome, enhancing gut and immune health.

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30 Billion CFU of premium probiotics per serving.

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Contains 7 clinically studied probiotic strains.

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Delivered in a delayed release capsule to help bypass stomach acid.

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Formulated with soluble organic prebiotic acacia gum fiber.

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Contains several histamine-reducing probiotic strains.

Specialized Probiotics To Support A Strong Biome Defense 

Not all probiotics are created equal. Although many strains are beneficial when consumed,

different probiotics have different effects and mechanisms of action in the body.

Below are the possible issues our strains support.


IBS Support

Gastrointestinal Health

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Brain Health




Flowers and Nails



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Cardiovascular Health


30 Billion CFU

7 Strains

L. Rhamosus

L. Plantarum

B. Infantis

B. Bifidum

B. Longum

B. Breve

B. Lactis

USDA Organic Gum Acacia Fiber



What makes a good

probiotic blend?

The Proper and Correct Amount of Bioactive Diversity

To reach an optimal biome defense, 7 specific and robust probiotic strains are blended with organic gum acacia; all researched at clinical potencies and placed into the formula to reach maximum efficiency.

Synergistic Probiotics

Many probiotic formulas have conflicting mechanisms of action as some probiotics do not work in synergy with one another.


BIOME DEFENSE® probiotics work in tandem with one another to reach the same biological goals.

Whole-body Biome Support

Starting in the gastrointestinal tract, the BIOME DEFENSE® formula promotes whole-body health and supports a balanced homeostasis.


Our collaborating probiotic blend allows for a nutraceutical that brings benefit aliment healing.

Optimal Health

When your microbiome and immunity system are both working for you instead of against you, it makes it easier to prevent and overcome disease.

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